Sunday, July 20, 2008

LT107: Black and White


Got to thinking about the Orchid hatch and the Dharma Wheel. You get a strong sense that the Dharma Wheel was there first. It is in a room with hieroglyphics in a crudely modeled room. One gets the feeling the room maybe have been larger where the person or animal attached the wheel could make a full circle. And it is deep. And cold.

To access the Wheel Room, one had to know it was behind the small teleportation pad thingy. This begs the question, why did the Dharma Initiative build a key piece of technology in the path of the tunnel?

Speaking of path blocking…we can recall one other ancient looking tunnel in Ben’s bedroom. Again, a prime entry way to something major and the Dharma Initiative builds a false house over/around it.

I’m seeing a trend here: location, location, location…the DI doesn’t want anyone to use these rooms. Why?

One thing is clear: The Dharma Initiative didn’t want SOMEONE to use those rooms.

Now recall the video Locke watched in the Orchid. It explicitly said what not to do in order to keep the room hidden. Some could argue that you just have a mirror image so you learn to always do the opposite of what the DI tells you to.

Again, the doctor in the Swan tape gave explicitly instructions on one thing: push the button. It stands to reason then that they should stop pushing the button to find the secret room. Except there is no room in the Swan unless you call the tunnel Desmond crawled into a “room”. Again, it was hidden as equipment was moved in order to access it.


As we know Sawyer has some of the best nicknames he hands out to fellow survivors. Now you too can get a nickname by Mr. Wonderful at this link:

I entered my attributes and he called me “Abacus”. Give it a try and post your nickname in the comments if you want to share.


Jacob is some sort of super computer – man merges with machine. I’ve actually seen a lot of headlines in the news along these lines lately, so maybe not so crazy.

He could be based on Jacob Bauthumley, a 17th century shoemaker who had a hole drilled through his tongue for writing a controversial book called “The Light and Dark Sides of God”. This writing might suggest that the island flips between good and evil every 16 years.

You can tell which phase the island is in by the color of the shoes of the island’s spokesperson – for example, Christian wears white tennis shoes. In addition, the light side is by off-island births and then lose their father (Ben, John). The dark side by those born on island (Widmore, Aaron).


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