Sunday, June 15, 2008

LT97: Watch Me


Every child seems to have pondered where they would be if they dug a hole straight down and came out on the other side of the planet. The start place and ending place are called antipodes. I mention this because the LOST produces used this term and it may explain where the island moved. The antipode of somewhere in the South Pacific could leave Ben and his polar bear in Tunisia.

It should not be forgotten that the time to travel from one side of the planet and then THROUGH the planet to the antipodal is 42 minutes.

But why just Ben and the bear in the desert? Where’s the island? Well, maybe the punishment for Ben is to go to the antipode, but the island stayed right where it isn’t (think time, not space). In ten months, which would make it October 2005, the island will reappear right where it is as the rest of the planet plays catch-up.

Personally, I think we need to recall all the use of star maps we have seen on the show. As Marco Polo noted when he traveled to the Southern Hemisphere, he could not see the Northern Star down there. With a little effort this summer, I’ll try to see what geographical points are possible using the LOST star maps.


We’ve discussed on LOST TIDBITS before how Jack seems to be looping with his experiences on the island. For example, when he wakes up on the jungle floor he seems to know what direction to run, where to look for the crash and so on.

After thinking on this I’ve reviewed Locke’s behavior and it hit me like a ton of bricks. He is also looping through events he has experiences. Now this isn’t so far-fetched when you consider what we have seen happen to Desmond in the jewelry store and with his photograph. So, when reviewing the earlier seasons with this in mind, I found these hints:

- Predicts accurately when it will rain
- Locke knows exactly how-to things like making paste
- He knows how to make medicine for a head wound on Boone
- He stops Sayid from finding the transmission point
- He knows how to build a cradle
- He knows to bring knives in order to hunt boar
- John knows that Charlie is looking for his guitar and he knows where to find it

This implies that several people are looping, if not everyone. And this might fit the producers description of LOST as a mosaic – a bunch of little pictures that when combined and properly placed contribute to a larger big picture.


At Hurley’s party a young boy is seen walking around in a jersey bearing the number 42.

He seems to smirk in a knowing way. Yeah, people can see lots of things in this show if they look hard enough, but it keeps getting mentioned on boards and that qualifies it for thought. It has garnered enough attention that the consensus is that we are seeing “Jacob” as a young boy.


Besides the obvious tie-in to time, the watches may play a more pivotal role then we have imagined to this point. We know Jin was ordered to deliver a watch to some guy in California. Before boarding his flight, a man in the bathroom reminds him of his mission.

Once the plane crashes, Jin becomes very protective of a watch that Michael finds.

In Missing Pieces, we see Jack’s father give him a watch before his marriage to Sarah.

A quick search on “watch” and “electromagnet” reveals a Phillips Stein Teslar watch that contains a chip that claims to protect the wearer from electromagnetism. The selling point is that a world filled with waves from the microwave, cell phones, computers and televisions…that a person wearing this watch will have less stress and sleep better. This chip was invented in 1986.

Or the watches might just contain a tracking device and not meant to suggest protection from time travel. I do know that watches have been given to people on the show and that seems important.

Notice in the above picture that Sayid and Jin are wearing watches. Where did they come from? Jin gave his away to Michael earlier.

And we see Sun and Daniel with watches on in the above picture. Besides WHERE did they come from, we have WHY are they wearing them? Ok, Daniel is recently here and has some reason to wear a watch, but the Survivors? Time of day has little bearing on life unless you have to be somewhere at a certain time. Recall when Sayid wanted to find the French transmission they used bottle rockets? Why not synch watches and set a specific time?

In might be interesting to note that even Richard wears a watch from time to time.


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