Wednesday, June 25, 2008

LT100: Octagon Global Recruiting


This is posting 100! WOW!


During the Season 4 finale we saw a commercial offering new job opportunities for the Dharma Initiative. That had us all rushing to the website for Octagon Global Recruiting. All that was offered was to leave an email and they would be contact me later.

Then one day, I get the email. It looks like a Job Fair will be held in San Diego during the same dates as Comic Con. This is the event that LOST producers typically use to tease us with some LOST goodies. Last year they showed the unedited version of the Orchid Orientation tape.

If you can’t make the show, the web site says the rest of us will be contacted later and then we may get to take those exciting tests to see if we qualify as a research assistant.


My guess is that this is a new company was established by the Dharma Initiative which strongly implies the Hanso Foundation is getting up to speed to a DI2, if you will. Taking things at face value, this is just a recruiting agency and nothing more.

Except their company logo happens to be patterned off the Dharma logos. So, again, this is likely a temporary company established to handle the hiring? Or just how many subsidiaries does Hanso Foundation “own”?


Not in the sense of twins…let’s not go down that path again. But in carbon copy an email to someone else. I noticed my email had an address in it that read:

I tried. It gives an out of office reply for Hans Van Eeghen. Says he will be getting back to me shortly.


Using variations of the name, I hit upon this site:

Now one has to take care that we aren’t hitting a fan friendly site, and not the real deal. You will find things on the “international family”, time travel, Jacob, and tons of other things to keep you busy for days.

I’ll post back when more time is available to review the site. For now, I’m focused on the fact that this company’s leadership had a son in days past named Jacob. Gosh, was he a slave on that Black Rock? Sort of like the ghost who won’t move on?


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