Sunday, May 25, 2008

LT92: A Little This and Little That


When Mr. Paik learns his company has lost a majority share to someone using five banks, he tells the men to “get Yoon up here”. I’m not sure of the spelling, but I do know that for the same sound alike, it spelled “Yun”. The actress who plays Sun is named Yunjin. Funny writers.

Have you noticed the one constant in every episode? The camera seems to focus one shot on the water bottles. The one that jumps out in my mind is Karl’s water bottle getting shot. Christian led Jack to the water source.

Mirrors are an ongoing theme and the first reflective surface man used was water.

Most popular theory about the mystery man on the Oceanic 6 plane: the load master.

People that get better: Rose, John, Mr. Patchy (2 out of 3), and John.
People that get worse: Ben, Jack, everyone who is buried, drowned, has a stake through them, or sucked into a running jet engine.

Did you remember to add Sawyer to the “got worse” list? His eyes began to fail until he needed glasses.

When Goodwin brought Juliet a sandwich, he was surprised that Ben was present and stumbled some excuse like, “well, this sandwich was for Ethan but he called in sick today”. You don’t get sick in New Otherton.

Remember, Jesus Christ is not a weapon.


Dedicated fans will know that the original name for this TV show was “The Circle”. Maybe this is why they changed the name since it gives us the answer. A fan tried to outline his theory and here is a recap of the Best of the Week:

We begin with the premise that the island is magical. “Magical” because we use that word when we don’t know how to explain things with science. If we added a god to the explanation, then I suppose get a religion. Mythology then is the collection of disproven god-based explanations. Bottom line: the island is magical. We can’t explain its abilities with science.

With that in mind, we are in a time loop or time circle. As pointed out by Mrs. Time (Hawking), the circles will make course corrections. In everyday life, this stuff is mind boggling…but if you happened to get close to Mystery Island, then you would experience things that would change your mind about what is and what is not possible. Let’s call our Gilligan’s Island, the Island of What is Possible. Or maybe Potential Island is even a better moniker.

We are now on a six-year season loop. Like the Star Trek: Next Generation episode, the survivors get a little bit smarter each loop. Sort of like the concept behind reincarnation and some religions.

How this theory gets validated is if the show ends with Jack on his back in the bamboo jungle…with the baton lying next to him. This time, he might pick it up and say, “Here we go again.” I’ll check back in three years and let you know how it turns out.


Develop your own theories in just a few easy steps! You too can claim to know the answer to the riddle known as LOST. Let’s create one now:

STEP 1: Find any interesting object on LOST

Let’s look at Mrs. Hawking, Mother Time, lady at the jewelry store helping Desmond select a ring. We observe she is wearing an interesting piece of jewelry. We will use that as our object.

STEP 2: Research the history, name, purpose of our object

A little Google time and we find the jewelry is in the same of something called an Ouroborous. This is the symbol of a snake eating its own tail. We begin to find support for our new theory with things like “circle”, “rings”, and “cycles”. Yeah, this will work nicely.

STEP 3: Find a second supporting feature

As we scan the articles on Ouroborous we find out that some scientists use this concept to explain the universe and all its workings. Hey, this is going to work out nice!

STEP 4: Repeat step 3 as many times as possible

Keep digging. We find that under the science theory of a closed-model that a guy used the concept to discover structure of benzene.

STEP 5: Discover two supporting features that cross-reference

This is key to getting a really good theory…it’s like have two bridges over a ravine of doubt and is critical to moving your theory from “decent” to “cool”. We got lucky in our example because the guy who discovered the structure of benzene claims to have done so from a dream! Oooh! Here is our sweet cross-reference. But wait, bonus points are coming: this guy claims he dreamed of an Ouroborous which provided him the circle concept to apply to his new structure.

STEP 6: Start making things up using your concepts and features

For example, the chemical structure was for BENzene. Ben. Get it?

We learn that two scientists were fore-runners to our benzene guy…they suggested multiple double-rings. This can be twisted to suggest multiple universes or timeline.

And of course, we prop this concept up since the two guys with the multiple ring theory were named Couper (or Cooper) and Loschmidt (Losch…Lost).

STEP 7: Write out your theory in a very commanding style.

The key is to not leave any room for doubt. For example, we can get the person to see LOST in Loschmidt by showing the transition: Loschmidt leads to Losch leads to Lost. But by adding a closing phrase like “which anyone can see” or “obviously” or “as most viewers concur”…you get that added little punch.

Hey wait, did we just come up with a new theory? The Ouroborous Theory?


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