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LT89: No Place Like Home

Since this is a three-hour, two-part finale we will hold our analysis until the full episode is revealed, but we sure seem to be getting a lot of answers lately!


The official Oceanic story says the six survivors lived on an island name “Membata” which is located near the island nation of Indonesia. The island name in the native language means “doubt” or “uncertainty”.

By the way, the official cover story concludes the survivors were lost for 108 days. According to sources, this portion of the latest episode was Day 100.


We all realize the challenge for writers to keep all the facts straight. But with Kate’s pregnancy they don’t get a free pass because they were focused on it by having a reporter ask her about the timing of her pregnancy.

What some picked up then would be Sun’s pregnancy story which any doctor would pinpoint the time as after or near the flight crash date. The problem with that is that everyone close to Sun and Jin would know he is sterile (ok, at least their doctor knows which probably means daddy knows). Plus, if he died on impact, Jin wouldn’t be the father. He could be one of the two who didn’t make it but survived a short time. Otherwise, it means the official Oceanic story would have to suggest that the father of her baby is one of the male Oceanic 6/8. Either that or she had “mile high” experience with a flight attendant.


As viewers we come up with some substitute names for people and places we observe on the show including the housing complex where the Others lived. Producers have referred to this place as “New Otherton”. Sawyer used the same term to describe the place now in the show. It seems that places with “New” are usually named after an established city with the same suffix: New York, New London, etc. So does this mean that Otherton is the name of a prior established “city”?


When Sun arrives at the Freighter to see Michael standing there she asks how he got to New York City. He lies by saying he took Ben’s boat, stumbled upon an island with, you know, people. He then sells his boat for a ferry ride and so on. Michael’s explanation of events to Sayid and Desmond along with other timelines implies this is a lie. Why?

And did you catch how similar Michael’s lie was to the official Oceanic cover story? Coincidence? I think not!


Two weeks in a row Geronimo Jackson has shown up. First on John Locke’s school locker and last week an album of the artist was spotted near the DJ’s table at Hurley’s surprise party:

And sharp eyes picked up that Hurley arrived home to the party and carried in a bag of Mr. Clutch Chicken Shack food.


The mirror used to signal someone is called a heliograph or signaling mirror. They were common for military purposes and are still found in survival kits. The proper use of the device is usually printed on the non-reflective side.

The portion of the signal from Ben we could observe said “seize”. We can assume this means Ben was signaling the Others at the Temple and were being instructed to seize someone or something. You might think that meant Kate and Jack but Ben wouldn’t know about their whereabouts, so it most likely meant The Orchid hatch.


Did you catch that Sayid was sporting a wedding ban which implies he married Nadia prior to the surprise party? The couple must not have waited long after being reunited. I suppose Nadia saw the news of the Oceanic Six and went to see him, but it seems a bit odd how she just shows back up in his life. Of course, I say that knowing that someone is going to have her killed and it makes me wonder of all these events weren’t staged in order to get Sayid in the emotional place “they” wanted him.


A little research reveals the first time this number was offered…it was on Locke’s Jesus stick:

It almost seems like this was instructions to John with the reference to going north at a heading of 305 degrees. The Bible verse this appears to mention reads:

"Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God."

In the context of the passage, this refers to baptism. In context of the show, who can really know what it means?


This one is date, but worthy of mentioning: Juliet used 8 stitches to sew Jack back up.

The two boys at Hurley’s party were wearing jerseys with the numbers 23 and 42 on them.

15 presents were on the table at Hurley’s party. 16 guests had party hats on. 4 palm trees on the lanai (thank goodness for HGTV for now I know what a lanai is), and there were 8 helium balloons tied near the pool.

On the Camaro that Hurley’s father fixed up we saw the numbers on the odometer. Some of those numbers were visible on the tripometer portion which was not present in the 1970-72 model of this car. We must assume Cheech replaced it when fixing up the car.


Hurley is wearing the shirt he had on while with Locke and John at the Orchid hatch.

Jack is wearing a different shirt with long sleeves. Sayid is all wet while no one else is wet above the waist.

Sun and Aaron are not visible.


We take a break this week as Grey’s Anatomy gets a two-hour season finale. Then LOST returns for the two-hour time slot beginning at 8 CST.

LOST TIDBITS should have another mid-week edition in order to ponder these questions:

On the Island

What is Ben's plan?
Whom was Ben communicating to with the mirror and what did he say?
Why were the Others
wearing their "disguises"?
How did Daniel know about the "Secondary Protocol"?
We've seen that travel between the island and freighter takes longer than it should (the rocket test, Sayid and Desmond's trip via helicopter). Why does this not appear to have happened as Sayid and later Daniel travel between the island and freighter in the Zodiac?

On the freighter

Who planted the explosives and why?
What is the trigger for their detonation?
What is causing the interference on the freighter's fathometer?

After the rescue

Why didn't Sam Austen come to see Kate?
What plans, if any, does Sun have for her father's company?
Who was the second of the two people Sun claims is responsible for Jin's death?
What kind of settlement did Sun receive from the airline that she is able to purchase enough of Paik Industries to now control the company?

On the rescue plane

Who is the person traveling with the Oceanic Six?!!! (You can click any image to get a larger view, by the way).



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