Sunday, April 20, 2008

LT84: Welcome Back - New Episode

This Thursday, LOST returns with a new episode entitled, "The Shape of Things to Come". Right now, I'm thinking Smokey. Check your local times since I heard the show could be moving around time slots.

Here's some things to get us back on LOST time:


Consider that Claire leave the island for reasons unknown and to give Aaron a chance at life, she asks one of the Oceanic 6 to care for the baby. Now remember that Michael and Walt seem to have to hide their identities and this could be the case of Aaron. It would be difficult to hide a blond child with a Korean O6 (Sun), or Hispanic O6 (Hurley), or Iraqi O6 (Sayid). This leaves Kate and Jack as clear options and for whatever reason Jack has, he doesn't want anything to do with his nephew.


It's info, behind the scene clips, sneak peeks, contest and more...check it out here:


You know life isn't so bad. I got this job which isn't found just anywhere. For starters, it's on an island in the tropics. Great living quarters, good food and sunshine. My work here is pretty routine - I write computer programs for the finance department. But the pay is great, I save most of it, and it feels like it is some sort of Peace Corps thing.

Then one day this plane flies over head and breaks apart directly over our island. But that's not the strange thing. The stranger thing was how our leader just flipped out. Freaked. One minute he is this confident, if not a bit demanding, leader and the next he's halting all of our project work. Instead of building that runway, we now guard prisoners. Instead of researching chemical gas deployment, we now release chemical gas deployment. We lose our great houses and running water for a group of caves among some old ruins called the "temple".

Life isn't so great.


Speaking of gas...could it be the cause of some of the strange happenings on Mysterious Island?

One could imagine they have a variety of gases to choose from and some might be causing Kate's horse to appear. Of course, it did seem to have form and mass...but you get my drift.

Or maybe it is what they drink.


* Is Alex pregnant?

* Is Ben and Widmore on the same team?

* Could the blindfold man be Tom's partner?


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Anonymous said...

Well, as suggestive answers to your questions...
It doesn't matter whether Alex is pregnant, because now she's dead.:(

Ben and Widmore may be playing some kind of game...see who can manipulate more people, what they can convince people of...maybe they're immortals and that's why Ben didn't attack Widmore in his room, and why Widmore doesn't have much security.

Who's the blindfold man?

--Ben_Linus ;)