Sunday, April 13, 2008

LT83: Back in Time


There are only two choices presented for the answer to this question: Ben or Widmore.

The evidence presented by Tom to Michael in the hotel room seems to indicate Widmore. Everyone on board the Freighter thinks that Widmore owns the operation. The captain is even carrying around the black box of the fake crash.

But this is precisely why I have my doubts. Could Tom really have gathered that information that quickly? He had two months since the original September 2004 crash, so let’s leave it as “POSSIBLE”.

Then consider why the captain has the black box. If Widmore staged the fake crash site, then why would he not have removed the black box prior to sinking it? And why would Widmore’s captain be proud of owning a relic that Widmore placed there?

And notice how Ben didn’t ultimately have Michael/Kevin blow up the freighter. Is Ben being honorable in sparing the ship or does he think enough of his transports (think submarine) have been lost already?

Of course Widmore may be doing as Ben suggested and attempting to divert attention away from the island. It does seem both Ben and Widmore would want this, however.

And there is sense in sinking and recovering your own plane in order to keep adventurers from trying to find a wreckage site. This would support Widmore behind the fake.

However, if you were Widmore and Oceanic 815 crashed, how would you explain your discovery of the wreck at the bottom of the ocean if Flight 815 suddenly showed up somewhere else? Widmore likely didn’t know WHERE Flight 815 went down and it was big risk to stage a fake for him. On the other hand, Ben knew all details and it does make sense he could risk a staged crash site because he KNEW where the real plane was: hidden on Mysterious Island.

I’m going with Ben is behind the fake crash site. Final answer.


Who are you people? Yeah, the Freighter crew all act like they are after Ben Linus, but I’m not convinced.

This mystery will be resolved when we learn if the Captain already knows Kevin is Michael. Or if Michael knows what the Captain already knows. Odds are they are on the same “Team Linus”.

Which brings me to how Miles knew Michael’s identify was a fake. This then brings back the time looping concept where Miles is just better at holding on to details than Michael obvious is. But apart from time jumping, Miles could know because he’s spoken to Ben.



Recall that Frank said he had to run a mission. I think someone even suggested that where did he have to fly to other than the island? We know he has passed through the barrier two times minimum, and yet off he goes again. One would think he is aware of the risk and still takes it, even when it seems to be against his character’s nature. Almost as if he is being forced to fly the mission…by Ben. But this belongs in the first section of who owns the Freighter.

Have you thought about who shot Karl and Danielle? Could this have been Frank’s mission? If not him, he could have taken a sniper with him. Again, this strongly suggests that Ben is pushing all the buttons.

If the threesome were fleeing to the Temple and were close enough, it could be the Others who moved there. Perhaps the trigger man was Richard Alpert.

FYI – on the film a person can be made out in the grass, but the lacks of details of that person have kept us from identifying who.


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Anonymous said...

Fake crash site:
Now that I give it a second thought, I think you may be right. Papers can be forged, and Ben could have lied about everything...
Here's another tidbit to add to your argument...did Widmore even know that 815 even crashed over the island? How could he? Unless Ben told him...