Tuesday, March 9, 2010

LT353: Dr. Linus - First Impressions


Ilana stepped front and center this week. While always a strong personality, it was moments with Sun and Ben that cemented her place as leader. She probably has the most faith of anyone. She's one of those glass half-full people who thinks everything that glitters is gold.

I enjoyed her revelations of being touched by Jacob and looking up to him as a father. And in the end her faith won the day as she not only forgave Ben's selfish act of murder, but also seemed to truly forget. A rare quality for sure.

But tell me...did the thought cross your mind that the moment Ben accepted her offer that Smokey was going to appear and swallow him up?


The writers were playing the double meaning to the hilt...a little too much in my mind. They would leave the alternative reality with Arzt commenting that Ben was quite the killer. Then flip back to the island to Mr. Killer himself.

But it was the play on meanings that made this episode enjoyable. The moral debate of blackmail a professor or save the educational dreams of a student was interesting.


As the show flip-flopped between the alternative timeline and the island events, Ben was flip-flopping as well. He was thinking, "Should I stay or should I go?"

When offered the job of island Caretaker he clearly accepted the tempting offer. However, this island is about redemption and while helping Sun with the tarp is a small gesture it seems as if Ben is on the road to recovery. And just in time with that sinister submarine coming in fast.


...and the voices of those who stand looking.

Man, is LOST just a retelling of Stairway to Heaven? We still need some answers to the Whispers. Who exactly is standing around and watching? Is this some assembly of Olympian gods watching the mortals struggle with free will?


This episode was about renewed faith. The band of beach bums reunited not only with lost friends (Jack, Sun and Richard) but with their core values. Ben was the centerpiece, but every character on that beach was beginning to entertain hope and to solidify which side of the fence they were going to stand on.

I enjoyed Frank's revelation of over-sleeping as to why he missed piloting Oceanic Flight 815. However, the writers should be cautioned not to just throw out willy-nilly explanations. Hopefully they will weave the answers into the entire show's storyline. For example, having shown Frank as a heavy sleeper prior to this explanation would have been nice...and shown the answers were thought out and not simply manufactured on the fly.


Pretend you are Ben. Shackled. And the wind and noise of Smokey appears. That noise is the jungle is John and yet only Ben heard and saw him - or so it seems.

Locke is as devilish as they come. It was clever to to suggest he went back to the statue to look for Ben. It was wily to offer Ben the job. It was deceiving to suggest his salvation would be found on the Hydra Island.

In the end, Ben was very alarmed at that prospect but only because someone accepted him. Had Ilana not extended that fig leaf, Ben would be paddling to his damnation.


...but there's still time to change the road you're on.

That's not the most evangelical Bible message we've ever heard, but the show is suggesting that one can change their path, their destiny.

However, the transformation has been nothing short of miraculous for Jack. Here he was sitting next to a stick of dynamite knowing (ok, believing) his life was protected. But wasn't it just a few island hours ago he was smashing the very mirror he offered as proof of Jacob's purpose to Richard?

And that is my main criticsm of this season and this episode. About a third of the Temple folks flip sides on a dime. Jack goes from ticked off Jacob is voyeur and then the next minute he seems to be some kind of disciple.

Even Richard seems to be flapping in the wind. And while some might point out this show offered the most answers to date, I could argue not one was a surprise. The writers had best take care or we could be changing the road we are on!


The message was clear: hold your ground. Stick to your guns. Don't waver. And one day you will have that stairway to heaven.

As we enter the final stanzas of this composition I'm hoping the characters begin to heed this advice and make some commitments. Or will they be tempted to compromise and become just a bit tainted with manuevers like getting out of monitoring detention?



It improved from last week. But the real knocks are:

* The answers revealed were already known (think Widmore returning)
* We know the good versus evil theme and we know the good guys always win
* There was feeling of filler like a long guitar solo between versus two and three

So this episode gets an average. The + is for the points listed above and the fact I really, really like Led Zeppelin. Let's just hope the show doesn't come crashing down like the Hindenburg.



Anonymous said...

Ben said...
I'm surprised at how Ilana dealt with Ben. I agree she was true to her character in forgiving Ben, but how could she get so far as to have him dig his own grave?

-I'm not so sure Smokey's mad at Ben for returning with Ilana, since this doesn't mean Ben will decide to leave the island with them, just be with them for the time being.
I don't understand why smokey didn't just kill them right then and there himself.

"In my thoughts..." maybe Stairway is describing LOST ... 30 years before it existed. Spooky.

I like your idea of showing Frank sleeping in prior to explanation. it would have been more artsy and creative, which is why i tuned in in the first place.
"and a new day..."--don't forget that one of the new themes is the candidates. The candidates are the ones who have struggled and overcame the longest.

BTW, I've seen that bible passage about sons of god and daughters of man before, and it was my interpretation that it meant one or the other were bastard children.
Fatherless children were told they were spawned from gods. Otherwise, parents were regarded as "gods" and men were the sinful disobeyers of God that avoided responsibility.
What do you think of that interpretation? I'm curious.

Feels good to comment again,

Anonymous said...

I thought something the other day and wanted to tell you since you have a thing for biblical references.
In Greece were I live, in the outdoors they use to to surround places with sulfur just to get the snakes away. In the old testament the snake is one of the forms of devil. Do you think this could correlate with the ash thing we see in Lost?

SMG said...

I was happy to see Alex, but I felt it was a little far fetched that her Mother, originally from France, would end up in the U.S. and her daughter would just happen to go to the same school? I guess that is all part of the magic that is Lost!

My thoughts on Widmore's submarine, maybe Widmore and John Black are able to communicate somehow and the submarine is how John Black is going to be able to get off the island? Just thoughts...


Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

KC said...


Sorry so late replying...

Ilana's Torture - yeah, seems odd to have Ben dig his own grave, but at that point he hadn't repented. And the way people talk about God ("Why did He let this happen?", it seems par for the course when dealing with immortal deity.

Smokey's Patience - do you wonder if Smokey can only appear at night? That is maybe why they are still alive!

Stairway to Heaven - the story goes that this song was writtne by Robert Plant in under 15 minutes. That seems supernatural in its own right. But then we find out there are about 3 minutes of backward masking in the song. It 15 minutes it would be very difficult to write this song AND have lines that say things about Satan in reverse! Explanation: the Devil inspired him. Now that IS spooky.

Sons of God - I've been in Christian schooling for over a decade and that verse puzzles every scholar. I had not heard that the phrase "sons of god" was used to explain a bastard child. Interesting and it makes sense, but I hadn't heard that was a historical habit. However, I don't embrace that explanation because a) why even mention it in the Bible, b) why only in this passage is the phrase used, c) it says they produced giant offspring so the message seems to be more than just explaining children out of wedlock and d) it makes it more interesting to contemplate angels/demons have sex with humans! You have to recall that this isn't the only supernatural relations with humans: Jesus had a special conception too!

Thanks for making me think,

KC said...


Sulfur to repel snakes! Brilliant! What a great observation and that is going into a post soon. I love the correlation.

Greece, huh? Hang in there! Maybe a ring of sulfur will keep the government away from your paychecks! :)


KC said...


Alex and Danielle - good catch about being from France, moving to the US, and going to Ben's school. That is almost beyond statistical probability. But then I found someone to marry me years ago and that is pretty unlikely too! HA!

Transportation - That thought crossed my mind as well since we know the sub is the favorite mode of transportation to and from the island (at 305 degrees, of course!). And now we learn Sawyer thinks it is a good idea as well.

Do you think we will ever see your namesake on the show again? I've been disappointed we haven't seen her yet since she has such an influence on her ex-husband's life. It was one of the first miracles!