Wednesday, February 3, 2010

LT338: Ashes To Ashes


Rose was flipping through a magazine while waiting for Bernard to return from the bathroom. The magazine is not real but is entitled, “Weekly Woodsmen”. This same prop showed up in season FOUR of the show, Supernatural. The same show where the actor playing Jacob was in. In that show he played the Devil.

When she leans over to welcome back Bernard we catch a glimpse of the back cover. It reads, “The Truth is Out There”. Cue the music for The X-Files.


Speaking of reading…when we see Desmond in the wrong seat on the airplane he is reading a book by Salman Rushie. The book is about the power of the imagination and storytelling.


In that strange nose-dive shot into the ocean and along the bottom we notice the island has sunk (more on that later) if you had sharp eyes you saw this:

Yes, our old Dharma shark from Season 2.


Did you notice the row number for Hurley on board the plane? It was Row 33 sitting across aisle from Sawyer. But we know in the original pilot he was sitting in Row 20. This means that Hugo and James are now in the tail section!


“Are you pulling my leg?” – Boone to wheelchair-bound Locke as he spoke over Frogurt.


Quick review: we first come across ash in LOST when Locke notices it is spread out around Jacob’s cabin the first time Ben leads him to meet Jacob. John asks about and Ben stops over it.

Then we really don’t hear much about it until Illana’s crew arrives to burn down the cabin. One of her crew member points out the presence of ash.

But in LAX episode we get a handful of the stuff blown right into our face. Bram spreads it around himself to protect himself from a very clever opponent. And the Others at the Temple begin to spread it around their compound in anticipation of some smoke.

We know now it is clearly to keep Smokey in his place. This makes two things of good defense against the monster when you include sonar. As time permits I should research what things are sensitive to sound and ash? Before I leave the sound sensitivity, let me tell you I just saw Spiderman 3 where sound defeats Spidey’s nemesis. I think it could be the same thing.

Oh, another thought as I’m writing…could the ash be the ashes of a dead person(s)? Hmmm…I really like this idea.


You know what to expect by now, right? I’ll do my best to keep pushing out information that makes us think. So keep checking back!

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SMG said...

Do you think that the airplane/airport story line is yet another alternate universe? I am thinking it could be with the change of seats, etc. Plus, I loved seeing Charlie, Boone and Claire again!

Adrian said...

KC--Adrian here, did you get my email? I tried to post my lenghty comment here, but it would not let me do it. Feel free, if you want, to put it in here, as I could not. Dying to hear your thoughts on this.

KC said...


Oh yeah, alternative universe is very possible.

At first my reaction was: I think we merely got a glimpse into how things could have worked out. We may learn why Jack never made it back to the plane and so we were just showed a possible outcome - not a "true" alternative universe. But then when they showed the sunken island I became more convinced it was a meaningful time path because why else show it to us?

It was SO great to see Claire, Frogurt, Boone and even the pilot's voice (I watch some Heroes and that was Matt Parkmen - the original pilot of Flight 815).


KC said...

Yo, Adrian,

Yes, I got it and now the world has seen it too.

Dying to hear my feedback? Oh, oh. That happens a lot with this show so becareful around black smoke this week. Feedback will come out in a post sometime...but I'm making up for lost time with my computer so be patient.

You...and everyone else...feel free to email comments and I'll work them into TIDBITS since now we have to moderate the postings. Silly humans!