Saturday, January 16, 2010

LT326: It Feels Like the First Time


Thanks to Shelley K for the nice email. She is the Account Manager for Trylon SMR out of New York City. She wrote to share with us a website that writes about LOST. But these aren’t just everyday bloggers like me. These are the pros from Television Critics Association Press.

Here is the link that comes from an interview with the producers of LOST:

You will find that this site is helpful with many of your television favorites. Thanks, Shelley.


You recall the summer game involving those paintings? It seems they had like 40 prints of each made for sale where proceeds would go to some charity. Well one poster of John Locke recently sold in eBay for $1,813.

How crazy has this become?

If interested in the story behind one of the prints and the artist commissioned to do the work, check out this link:

ESSAY: Predestination or Déjà Vu?

Let’s begin my admitting that LOST TIDBITS is not going to resolve this century old debate. But as it pertains to LOST, it seemed that we needed to at least think about it.

Once again the Bible is at fault. Let me explain. The Bible says that God has predestined everyone’s future. That brings to mind a puppet on the end of some strings. It makes me think of an already written script and we are merely players acting out the roles. Some people look down their noses at that prospect. However, I’m content with comparing to a river. We know the river exists. We know its course. Yet we still find it enjoyable to put a canoe in the water and paddle it. What is around the next bend is predetermined and won’t change before we arrive. The thrill of seeing what is around the next bend still exists. And yet, the course is predestined for us.

Or how many parents already know that every child will push the limits with them…and still have the little darlings? We know that life will bring disappointment and still we greet most days with anticipation. We hear the phrase, “I knew that was going to happen”, several times a day and still the thrill of living is not diminished.

So even with predestination, the players, the actors, us…we don’t know what will happen in the next scene. We therefore enjoy life.

This then brings up a big question however. If our future is pre-decided, then can we be accountable for it? Well, just knowing my kid is going to drink before the legal age doesn’t absolve him (or me) from the consequences of that decision.

Now let me slip into another line of thinking. What if it isn’t predestination but just déjà vu? What if FEELS like we’ve been here before because we have. Some religions believe in reincarnation. Some religions believe in resurrection. Both doctrines are generally saying that the same person can have a second shot at life.

I find that LOST has put the spotlight on these topics because it is the age-old question of what is my purpose? I believe that we can have it both ways. Someone once tried to explain how this impacts free will. They said that the pearly gates of Heaven has a sign above it that reads, “Free Will – Whatever You Decide”. Once you walk through them, the sign on the other side reads, “Predestination – We Knew You’d Decide That”.

I’m reminded of my father who taught me how to swim by tossing me off the end of the dock in a local pond. He KNEW I could dog paddle back. I didn’t know that. But I did decide to try and it worked. Who knew? My father, of course.

As we approach Season 6 of LOST, I’m going to keep in mind that you can and can’t change the past. It is known and unknown but mostly depends on your point of reference. Which is exactly the thing that Einstein said about relativity. But that will have to wait for another post!


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Anonymous said...

Never watched Lost, never will watch lost. How they can make a series about a plane crash that has marooned survivors & then sometimes they're not is ribiculous. Might as well watch My Mother the Car!

KC said...

To answer your question unfortunately, you'll have to watch it. Bummer.

LOST is actually more than just a TV show. It rates pretty high on that fact alone, but the viral marketing, the social interaction outside the show and the cerebral gymnastics it has generated makes LOST unqiue.

I'll have to check out your recommendation, "My Mother the Car!"