Wednesday, November 18, 2009

LT312: The Promise Land


I’ll rattle out some of the clues from the game. Whether they have any direct bearing on Season 6 is left open for debate.

- The sequel to the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie will be called “Pineapple” – probably just a reference to Hawaii

- Ping pong is taking center stage as the game of this game – the earlier post about Susan Sarandon may be related to the fact that she owns some table tennis club

- Sarandon keeps coming up in clues including the name of her character in a Ridley Scott movie – or it means a reference to the Rocky Horror Picture Show

- LOST University is open and the first course is entitled, “Dude, Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Say” – Hurley is featured and this became available about a week ago

Seems like a bunch of random points but I should point out that there is a clip running around the web which shows Hurley and Sawyer playing ping-pong. Can’t recall exactly which episode that was, but this one is slightly different…and I mean SLIGHTLY different. Probably fan made, but I’ll keep my eyes and ears open.


The final two lost tapes of “Mysteries of the Universe” were aired on Here is what was learned:

- Dharma Initiative is completely labeled a “secret organization”

- A small island near Tonga received a strange delivery…out of the air fell a 1 ton food drop back in the 1970’s. Food labeled by Dharma and appears to be a mistaken drop.

- Suggested links from missing planes world-wide to the Dharma group.

- A research program was offered for college students who wanted to volunteer which appeared connected to Dharma. These research opportunities have been tracked by the documentary and push pins mark the locations of recruits shown below:

- The most common location in the research for this program is the South Pacific.

- It was revealed the general manager of the church in use by Dharma is Eloise Hawking, but not official birth certificate can be found. Search of records did reveal this name as the mother of a child on his birth records. The child is Daniel Faraday although no explanation could be offered to why two different last names.


Speaking of Ms. Hawking…when we consider the ability to loop through events several times it makes perfect sense that she finds her son’s diary and learns of future events. In fact, she dedicates herself in making sure those events do not deviate for fear of outcome that could be worse than what is happening at the end of Season 5. And this is how she knows everything about Desmond and that he won’t marry Penny and instead go to an island and push a button.


When Lew was still an impressionable lad he read a book about an interesting man.

In the story, this central character lived in the Middle East region and his occupation was being a shepherd. The man was known to have a temper that got the best of him at times, but for the most part he could keep his emotions in check.

One day the man was tending to his flock when he saw the most unusual thing. In the distance was something unnatural – at least to his eyes. He noticed some unusual smoke over a hill and when he went to investigate he discovered the “thing” could communicate with him.

Considering this to be some divine calling, the shepherd dedicated himself to this “being” and would do whatever it asked of him. In return the former herdsman seemed capable of meaning wonderful accomplishments. Those in his company would witness things you could only call miracles. Some would whisper he was a mad scientist and others suggested it was supernatural. If a scorecard was carefully kept, it would seem more died at his hand then survived.

Over time the man’s charisma was such that many began to follow him as disciples. These were often lost souls of society and the man told them he could lead them to a promised land. For years the man was able to keep the followers mesmerized as the journey never seemed to end.

Eventually, the day of reckoning came. Many of the followers had left and those that remained harbored doubts. The utopia that the man had preached about was never realized for he died. Those that remained faithful to the end however discovered utopia the very next day!

The man that Lew read about was named Moses.

CONCLUSION: I’m struck by the many LOST references that can be made to Moses. While the occupation of shepherd might suggest Jack, it seems Ben is a better fit to this Biblical character. If only he had followed his own Ten Commandments…


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