Wednesday, September 30, 2009

LT303: Seeing What I Missed


Came across a radical prediction that might interest you… Let me set the stage for you. I mean radical in the way “Dallas” was radical. Wasn’t that the show where at the end we learned it was all one big dream? So something like two years of the show was really a 3 second dream.

This prediction I found offers the same kind of radical prediction: we will discover that everything seen for five seasons really happened in about 23 seconds of time. The basis for this is a book introduced in the show, “The Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”.

As a reminder, this book is about a man who is being hanged. As they release the trap door, the rope breaks and the man falls into the river below and escapes. The rest of the story is about the man avoiding being recaptured and making his way back home to his lovely wife. He finally makes it home and as he is running towards her, he feels a jolting pain in his neck and sees a bright light flash. Then everything goes black.

See, he never escaped at all. In the split-second between having the trap door release and his neck snapping, his mind imagines everything the book details.

This would be a radical twist, but also allows the writers to explain away any conflicts or contradictions. Will it be a dream as in “Dallas” or something other thing like the trauma that comes with a plane crash? They say one’s entire life flashes before their eyes right before a major threat. Hmmm…


Here is my excuse: it has been a very busy summer! I made the mistake of signing up for 5 college courses during the sunny part of the year and it nearly wiped me out. Anyway, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. And I NEED an excuse for I somehow overlooked the video at Comic Con this past July.

Here it is:

In this one, Hurley is the owner of…well, you just watch it.

And this one:

How can Oceanic claim they have a perfect flying record?

I’m starting to get some ideas from these teasers that were overlooked, so be sure to check back next week on LOST TIDBITS.


I will be at a conference next week so TIDBITS will take a short break.


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