Wednesday, August 26, 2009

LT292: Island of Misfits


I’ll admit up front that this isn’t thought completely through so here are some loose thoughts…

Isn’t it supposed to be “Jack in a Box”?

Wasn’t there a toy stuck on an island of misfits called “Charlie in a Box”?

So we have John in a box while another John is walking around. How in the world did the Dead John get into the metal box?

Isn’t it supposed to be Dear John instead?

Would this make the new group and keepers of the metal box sort of like timeline protectors as much as Ben and Mrs. Hawking think they are timeline protectors?

Did the flash on Ajira Flight 316 cause a “split” from Dead John to Walking John?
I believe that the John in a Coffin had to be the Walking John, because how (and why) else would Ilena and her group move John from a coffin to a metal box? Does this mean the metal box was on board the plane? Would that be a flashback and a half to see two bodies of John being wheeled into the cargo bay?

Like I said…loose thoughts…


This video is circulating and I’m not sure what to make of it. Check it out here:

First, it is very interesting from the perspective of how everyone looks at each other while first boarding Oceanic Flight 815 (man, have we come a long way or what?).

Second, the idea of another plane crash is intriguing.

Third, unsupported rumors are that this video was shown at Comic Con at the LOST panel.

Fourth, the final seconds of footage is actually from the movie, “Knowing”.

For now, it best to view this with a lot of doubt.


Remember when Boone was going to die from his fall from the Beechcraft airplane? At the time Jack was asking everyone for blood donations to do the transfusions on Boone. I’m re-watching some old episodes and this fact jumps out at me differently then when I first saw it.

In a few seasons Kate is going to offer her blood in a transfusion to save young Ben because as she states it, “I’m a universal donor”.

So where was this helpful attitude when Boone was dying? Maybe Kate wanted or needed Boone to die and kept quiet. Hmmm…


Well, this got me thinking about other characters and how their words and actions might take on a different meaning knowing what we know now. I’m starting on Danielle because there are tons of changes with her now that we know her flashbacks. For example, did she really light the fire to cause the black smoke? There was no black smoke when Alex was taken as she claimed.

You get the idea…I’ll share more as these oddities jump out at me.


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