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LT176: Parties, Pages and Polar Bears

BISCUITS AND GRAVY THEORY – How to Plan for a Dinner Party with Friends

Once the Dharma Wheel was damaged, time began to oscillating to and fro on the island. And this was probably without any kind of pattern to which to make future plans with anyone. Someone had to step up and stop this madness or humans would forever lose their precious need for a logical sequence of events. Just imagine watching a football game when the final pass to win is heaved and then the island decided to jump. Then imagine the father of the wide receiver who was clearly open and about to win the game for your favorite team is killed in a freak accident. Moments later, the game is back on but the receiver is missing and the ball falls to the turf – incomplete pass. Of course, if you bet the other team you would be thrilled. But on your way to your bookie to cash your winning ticket, the island oscillates again and now instead of Walter Camp inventing football he decides Ballerina Basketball without score, just an art form, would be pretty cool to invent. The island swings the pendulum back again and your bookie says, “What’s football?” You get the idea.

So someone had to stop this madness! Enter the Dharma Initiative. Who knows, maybe the Hostiles/Originals led by Richard Alpert welcomed Hanso and his merry band of Capitalists? Or if you don’t think the Black Rock drilling caused the Incident and you believe Dharma caused it, then it was their job to clean up their own mess.

SIDE NOTE: I do hope you notice how many times this theory uses terminology from the show like when Boone told John to “clean up your own mess”. I’ve picked up a lot of these from the Hindsight review we do here at TIDBITS!

Scientists of the late 1970’s are a lot smarter than scientists of the missile-fearing 1950’s and they offer a solution: build the Swan Hatch. What they discover is the electromagnetic properties of the island are what are causing the time oscillations. Where the Dharma Wheel used to regulate this “build-up”, now Dharma proposes they build a nifty hatch that as long as someone pushes a simple EXECUTE button every 108 minutes, then they avoid time oscillating. They contrive this idea and need volunteers to push the button.

Mr. Patchy tells us in episode 3.12, “Par Avion”, that he answered a newspaper add that read, “Would You Like To Save the World”. Mr. Patchy and a long line of list-approved idiots (of the likes of Radzinsky, Mikhail and Kelvin) have all sign-up to do their part. Even Desmond becomes part of this sanctified line of button pushers. As Mrs. Hawking tells him there is nothing more important that Desmond will ever do than to push that button. And without him, we all die.

The Swan Hatch gets built and like all good capitalists like Charles Widmore, enough is not enough. Eventually they want a power station, roads, and aquariums. The Hostiles say enough is enough and here comes The Purge.

This is basis of the Biscuit and Gravy Theory. By this time we had maybe a half dozen Bloody Mary’s and were well on our way to explaining the meaning of life, the universe…everything! For the record, the answer to the life, the universe and everything is 42. I’ll explain that comment to those who don’t recognize it some other time.

Next up…I’m going to share with you how the B&G Theory would explain the Whispers!


Hope you got to watch the rerun of Season 4 finale last night. The part that struck me as most odd was when Keamy was dying and Ben sits there like, “So?” In fact, that was his comment, “So? It’s not my problem” when Locke was stressing that they had to keep this guy alive or the Freighter would blow.

I’ve been on the lookout for oddities and this one is downright odd. So? I’m so worked up about this attitude of carelessness that if I saw the actor on the street tomorrow I’d probably have to slap him silly. But in light of the time loop, could this be taken a different way?

Maybe he is saying this because Fate has already determined things and the Freighter and its passengers were doomed to die anyway. Or maybe he was nonchalant because his time as the prophet was coming to an end.

Very odd.


Last nights re-run also provided me with an item that could be the “runner-up” for oddities this post: the crackers. Ben and the enhanced captions reminded us the crackers were 15 years old. Yet, Hurley chomped them right down. Granted, after weeks of papaya and boar, anything processed might taste pretty yummy. But if your pantry is like mine, it seems nearly impossible to keep crackers from going stale for about two weeks after opening them. We double-seal and still those suckers once exposed to air seem to go bad quickly. Now imagine 15 years.

Can you say “time oscillation”? If this is true, then the crackers are not really 15 years old in one sense. It also means that Ben is a pretty good judge of time. I don’t wear a watch. It seems that my sense of time is improved without one (sort of like losing one sense and the others get stronger). Well, guessing time within a few minutes is one thing, but don’t ask me to keep track of the time in Romania as well. It just seems that Ben is pretty good at juggling a few timelines in his head…or we are all completely off base on how the time thing works! Guess we will find out in about SIX days. Yes!


Be warned that this has NOT been proven as authentic, but someone did post this snapshot of a page from Daniel’s journal. I can’t recall seeing this good of a shot, so please ponder it with some hesitation.

Notice the arrow is pointing to the word “Claymation”. It is an attempt to explain Smokey. Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see.

Other observations:

-- Kate and egg are prevalent on the left hand page
-- I see eyeglasses and think of Sawyer…is that him swimming back to the island?
-- Last Generation on the right side along with Quantum Physics

Now if this does prove to be authentic, you saw it here on LOST TIDBITS! If not, well it was fun examining it.


Tell me eyes aren’t fooling me, but is that Ethan?

First, this sort of supports my Biscuits and Gravy Theory which says we go back in time, but then maybe not quite so far back. Of course, this assumes that is Ethan.

Second, I’m reminded of a promo picture way back when that showed Ethan and John fighting in the mud when on the show we saw Jack and Ethan doing the fighting. This was when Claire was being used as bait to lure Ethan to them. Maybe that scene is now going to be used on this second loop?


Must apologize right up front, but in my search of the web one can come across some interesting things. On a lost-related site, some posted this picture that just screamed to be shared. He even suggested it was Walt being attacked.

Again, my apologies, but it is darn cute.


We are going to respond to some more emails and comments we have been receiving regarding the B&G Theory. Then the final installation of my theory will be posted which explains the Whispers. And expect a dedicated follow-up to the Whispers because if this is correct, well, it could be the show in whole new light.


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