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LT148: History of LOST – Writing on the Wall


As we examine the chronological timeline of the island we are up to the Ancients. So far, the facts we can state are:

- The island had volcano on it
- The island has electromagnetic properties

Our assumptions so far are:

- The Ancients may have had extra or fewer digits, especially toes
- The Ancients may have been giants
- The Ancients may have been alien

As a side note, I’m using the term “alien” to meaning anything other than normal and not little green men…well, not yet.


The other clue we have in terms of identifying the Ancients are the writings we find on the walls on the island. We don’t know for sure to who attribute these too, for the Dharma Initiative were indeed responsible for the hieroglyphics on the Countdown Clock. But due to the location in Ben’s Secret Room and the Dharma Wheel Room…it seems like a safe assumption that these symbols belong to the Ancients.

The consensus is that the hieroglyphics point to an Egyptian civilization. Let’s keep in mind that the Pyramids share a theory of alien involvement. Again, alien is so far as the Egyptian culture seems abnormal in their ability to design and build such monstrosities.

It is worthy noting that we have found drawings that seem to indicate flying aircraft which would be impossible at that time.


The agreement on translation is something like “to summon protection”.



The legend of Atlantis includes hieroglyphics, spacecraft, and crystal deposits. It seems the planet can be divided into grids and at the point of intersection, we find large quantities of crystals, minerals. Most of these have excessive amounts of electromagnetism involved. The portal sites include South Pacific, Florida, Northern Africa, and Korea area.


On the Season 4 DVD there is an interview where the writers pretty much confirm the Egyptian tie-in. One could also argue a connection was made between the statues and the hieroglyphics. So I did a little combination Google and found this:

That statue might have represented Anubis, god of the underworld and patron of lost souls in Egyptian mythology. This god is a jackal, a canine with four toes on his back paws. He weighs the hearts of the dead to judge their value. He is often associated with Cerberus – the watchdog of Hell. The dog connection has been well documented on the show.


Our historical walk down memory lane has an island with heavy-duty electrical and magnet properties, and eventually an ancient civilization lived here. While there they built a secret room and a wheel room. They marked these places with hieroglyphics.

The next thing that comes along in chronological order is the Hostiles…in the next edition of LOST TIDBITS.


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