Wednesday, October 1, 2008

LT132: Flexibility


Test 7 has been posted on the site. This test determines if you are a black or white swan. Ok.

Besides some cryptic clues and most of those dealing with how to cheat the tests, I don’t see a whole lot going on. About six people have been promoted to “Instructor Level” which means…well, I don’t know. They get t-shirts as recognition.

If anything interesting breaks, I’ll let you know.


A new rumor is saying Wednesdays on February 4, 2009. Another switch in nights, but you know how these things go, so sit tight until we get solid confirmation.


“He changed the rules,” Ben muttered. The idea here is that Ben’s original timeline of events doesn’t have Alex dying. This likely then alters this new timeline for Ben and perhaps the world via the butterfly effect. To course-correct, Ben needs to kill Penny.

Sayid is working for Ben, but why? Ben made a promise to give Sayid another chance with Nadia. Again, this strongly implies that Ben knows how to alter timelines. Once all the problems caused by the improper jumping (Widmore forced his hand), they can return to the island and jump back once more to pre-crash and live life over again…hopefully, for the better.

Keamy and Company were originally never intended to find the island, but did. This altered events and Ben went into his secret room to inform someone. That someone, Jacob?, felt the best way to course correct was by sending the Smoke Monster after the military gang.

The visions of Kate’s horse, or Jack’s father or even the Whispers are used to course correct – nothing more. Some visions give specific instructions like “Go stop Charlotte and Daniel from shutting off the gas in the Tempest Hatch”. Sometimes, it is merely their presence that makes a difference. Consider then that Jack’s father led his son over a cliff’s edge…was that meant to be, but Jack thwarted Fate? How often do you see the word thwarted? HA!


We know Sawyer passed this way at one time. But is there more to the cities the writers select?

In Tallahassee they have:

- Indian Mounds – a burial grounds

- The National High Magnetic Field Lab – home to the strongest man-made magnet. This link explains what they do there and why it has to be so cold to work!

- Juliet’s degree is from Florida State University

- FSU has conducted several studies on meteorites including one that fell in Canada and is said to have some strange properties. Recall Hurley’s Chicken Shack was wiped out by one.

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ncjl said...

What about you KC, did you get put in White Swan or Black Swan?
I'm in White Swan, which isn't really much to brag about, since I have 0 Dharma points.
- izi

KC said... want to know about my classification: White Swan.

If you read up on the cheats you can get your score higher. If you register fake people, you can move up the list as well. What I'm trying to say is the summer game seems to add little to the island's mythology or Dharma's intentions. But hey, it is LOST-related, so I play. What's a guy to do?