Sunday, September 14, 2008

LT127: Wheels, What-If and Whispers


If that doesn’t remind you of Back to the Future’s flux capacitor…we saw this in the Orchid hatch. The idea is that Dharma had learned to skip around time and probably used animals. We see the polar bear in the desert and the #15 rabbit in the leaked video.

There are schools of thought out there that are a couple of ways to control the time jumps – one with the machine and the other with the Dharma wheel.

Eventually, Dharma begins to use real human test subjects. Perhaps they didn’t intend to, but another research project – probably involving some virus – goes wrong and infect some of the Dharma scientists. With little prospect of a future, the infected most likely volunteer to go back in time. My theory is that they are cured because “back then” they weren’t sick…yet.

One important rule concerning this stuff is that one can never travel back further than when the Time Machine was first invented – probably the 1960’s or so. Maybe it was around the time Locke was born. Hmmm….


The producers have said the obit for Mr. Bentham was only a prop. However, it did include his name and it did detail how he died – both facts confirmed on the show So, I re-read Locke’s/Bentham’s obit and it states he has one surviving son.


The most common word used is “anti-climatic”. We are on Test #4 and other than a few hidden messages in the web pages, we don’t have really know where this is going. How is that any different than the TV show?

The last clue in Test #4 was “Mittlewerk” as in Thomas Mittlewerk, our friend from the Lost Experience game. Ok, he’s no friend of mine and is the new head of the Hanso Foundation.


These chocolate delights have been seen on a BBC show called Primeval. Man, people don’t miss much out there.


In case you missed the posted comment, Izi (a fan of Lost Tidbits and fellow blogger), writes to say he has some ideas on the Whispers. You can find his analysis here:

Thanks for the link, Izi.


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