Saturday, April 5, 2008

LT51: Time Flash


What a great episode this one was for those who are trying to figure out the riddle of Lost. When we stop and consider all the theories ever floated out there – like clones and such – it does seem as if all those were propelled by the clear emphasis placed on Time. This edition of Lost Tidbits it going to explore some possibilities now that we appear to have one major piece of the puzzle identified.


So, the background in the Desmond-Penny photograph as a backdrop! But is it the same background from Miami when Juliet pulled open the curtains in her sister's apartment?

And consider that even the photograph and the background for the pose are not IDENTICAL…but I'm willing to call that a prop challenge. You have to give TV a little cushion…but I'm not willing to throw it out completely. Keeping with out "time clue", it might mean that when this little loop of life repeated, then things were not exactly the same and this was meant to tell us that.

Kudos to Michael "Let's Get Walt" Johnson for the heads-up on this one.


Charlie and Hurley discover two more reading materials in Sawyer's cache: a book entitled, "Laughter in the Dark" and a stack of magazines including "Playpen".

First the book: In this grotesque black comedy, an aspiring actress marries a wealthy man named Albinus Kretschmar for his money. When he is blinded in an accident, she invites her lover to move in with them. He lives there in secret, invisible to the blind man, whom he murders in the end.

And the magazine: first the name is also the item that Charlie and Driveshaft danced inside when filming the Buddies diaper commercial – am over-sized playpen. Second, the pictorial is "The Girls of Fiji" – which is the island country they were near when Oceanic Flight 815 ran into trouble. And one of the other stories is entitled "Exploring the Brothels of Singapore". Published previews seem to indicate that Jack might have gotten his tattoos in Singapore and perhaps met a lady there.


Almost too much to talk about here, but let's start with this photo:

* Song being sung is "Wonderwall" by Oasis and has the line "maybe you are gonna be the one that saves me" – a song about a man who is saved from himself with the help of an imaginary friend * Charlie is not famous in this time loop and never mentions Driveshift when Desmond asks if he knows him
* Charlie is not a drug user in this dimension
* Charlie's middle name is Hieronymus
* Name of a band in England with two albums, "Save the Day" and "Alone in This Tree" – now why do those ring a bell with me?

Name of a surrealist painter, Hieronymus Bosch, who happen to die in the year 1516.


Here is the person that Desmond says is his subconscious:

I know I'm on a time obsession lately, but notice all the clocks behind her…odd for a jewelry store? And remember that Othersville didn't show any clocks or watches, but in time loop, they are everywhere it seems.

Oh, and if my subconscious took on a human manifestation, I'd like it to be Jessica Alba, please…just sending a subliminal message to my brain!


Did you see the polar bear, the Buddha statue or the word "Namste"?

Did you see the Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack, Oceanic Airlines, Buddies Diapers, Gannon Car Rental, Apollo Candy Bars, or Hanso Foundation ads in the soccer match?

We should point out a couple of new companies too…

Kronos – name of another Greek god, the god of TIME! And that second word is Titandioxid; which is a white powdery substance that looks an awful lot like the ashes in an ashtray inside the Pearl Hatch!

Expose and Radio RPR 103.5 – no clue about their relevance, other than 100+ (3+5) = 108…could this have some connection to the radio tower on the island?

Did you catch the clock read 1:08? I must point out my favorite was the microwave beeping that sounded like the hatch's warning sound!


Time travel is possible by freezing the body and many rich folks have their bodies frozen in hopes that one day a cure for life extension might be found (very Hanso-like).

The main problem we have had with this approach is that the cells of the human body will crystallize during the thawing out process (like frost on your windshield). This crystallization wreaks havoc on the cells and basically destroys them.

So, scientists have been trying to figure out other ways to "freeze time". Again, we are back to having to define what time is. In a sense, we can define time standing still as: a lack of any motion. Our bodies are full of vibrating molecules. Stop that vibration and you stop time. This is why freezing near absolute zero (where all motion stops) is the popular method. But once again, damn that crystallizing stuff. How else can we stop the molecule motion?

Lucky for us (or is it luck), our vibrating electrons are electric! As far as I know there is no way to "cut the current" at that atomic level, but we can use an intertwined principal of electricity: magnetism. Ah, most Lost sounding stuff, dude.

Vibrating electrons form a magnetic force…apply a strong enough positive magnet (electrons are negatively charged) and we can keep the electrons from vibrating. Effectively, we can freeze a person in place without using temperature. Turn off the magnet in 10 years and you will instantly pick up with whatever you were doing before you walked in front of that magnet. Imagine the fun we could have at parties with this.

In order to build a magnet strong enough to freeze every electron in place for an average size human being, the structure to house this would have to be about the size of our planet. However, if we could learn to magnify an electro-magnetic field by utilizing the planet's natural magnetic field…say in a hatch in an undisclosed island…well, you get the idea.


Wrap all this time theory stuff together and maybe the horse that Kate and Sawyer saw and touched was at one point grazing quietly in a field in Australia and the next second was literally standing in the Mystery Jungle.

How? Because "freezing" a body, then leads to transporting the body to any desired location since time becomes a non-factor. Yep, Star Trek teleporting. Believe it or not, scientists have frozen light in the lab. And they have teleported an apple four feet.

What wouldn't happen is the horse couldn't be in the field grazing AND on the island. In other words, Ted, Bob, Marty or you, can never ever run into yourself…it is impossible. The second law of thermo dynamics states matter can't be created, so we can't add 180 pounds of me to the same time frame where another 180 pounds of me already exists. Of course, if time is not a factor…

For the sake of summary (and the fact that now my head hurts), approach the last episode not as a Demond flashback, but as a "flashsideways".

And here's an interesting tidbit At Comic-Con last year, one person asked one of the producers about Lost and time, and he responded by autographing her trading card with "Time is on your side," promising this little adage would be fully explained in season three. So, I ask you, what if all along, when Kate walked into a flashback, she was literally jumped into the past, and then later jumped back, when the action picked up on the island? What if our Losties were in control every time they flashed back?! Every match cut, every crossover, every Easter egg that appears in both the past and present—what if they are linked into one really real reality that surrounds each of our survivors? And does this mean that when the Losties all figure it out, they can go back and right the wrongs from their past?

And Desmond—who seemingly has been granted access to the past, present and future—might be the only one who can connect the dots...Great Scot, indeed.

And sort of puts new meaning to the phrase, "See you in another life, brotha".

Blap. (That's the sound of my brain further exploding and another piece falling on the floor.)

Now that you are armed with more information than the average Lost viewer, sit back and let's see where the show takes us with this time concept. Those of you who know me, now understand how this show motivates me to write a mostly-weekly newsletter! J


You might recall that John Locke is also the name of a famous philosopher. So, is Edmund Burke, Juliet's first husband who had a meeting with a bus. I just learned recently that another executive of the Mittelos Bioscience Company is named Richard Alpert, who was a philosopher and spiritual teacher of Buddhism and Hinduism. He was closely associated with Timothy Leary. Now if next week they start playing that Moody Blues song, I'm going to tune on, tune in and drop out!


No surprise that a fan of Lost might also enjoy NBC's Heroes. However, the connections are kind of Lost-like spooky. I'm talking about Gannon Car Rentals. We first meet this company when Locke is in his dream and he is in the airport with Boone pushing him around in his wheelchair. The survivors are holding a brochure from Gannon Car Rentals.

By the way, that picture on the brochure is a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge, just like we saw on Isaac's wall near Ayers Rock where Rose tried to get healed.

Anyway, a few weeks back on Heroes, a character who is oddly name "Hiro" but pronounced "Hero" is told to fly back home and is given airline ticket and a car rental brochure of Gannon Car Rentals

Now consider this…during Karl's brainwashing film we saw this snapshot:

Last week in Heroes, we see this same thing hanging in the background:

And while we are at it, see the three hanging basket thing under the cabinet? That same thing was hanging in Desmond's flat.

That last week, one of the ads at the soccer match in Lost is for Gannon Car Rentals.

It gets even better…then we learn that on a FX's show, the same Gannon brochure is seen on Nip/Tuck.

Maybe we ARE all inside the Matrix!


This is a picture of the paint can in Desmond's flat. The brand name is Future Paint. Cute joke? OH, the company who manufactures this is from the Netherlands, home of Hanso Foundation.


When Karl is having his brain turned to mush…the audio of that segment has been reversed. Three times the audio says, "Only fools are enslaved by time and space." Here is the audio clip if you are interested:

Turn off the lights, turn your speakers up loud and be prepared to get an uncontrollable urge for Apollo Candy bars after listening to this.


This past episode continues the Oz connections…the man with the red shoes (ruby slippers). The building falls on him with only his legs and shoes sticking out (wicked witch when the house falls on her).

And it should also be pointed out that Lord of the Rings figured in as well. The ring scene is very similar to Frodo and his ring…plus Charlie was a freakin' hobbit in the movie. Coincidence or fate?

What is that behind Charlie? An airplane engine? A bomb? And why are those two people staring his direction? It almost looks like Locke in a t-shirt.

I thought Claire didn't know how to swim? And why fully clothed?

Why are the scenes in Mr. Widmore's office flipped at times?

Did Desmond ever pay for that ring?

How does Penny have a picture of her and Desmond on his night stand (when she gets call from the Listening Post that an anomaly was found) AND Desmond have a copy in the hatch? Perhaps copies were made, but we were only shown one was taken.

Do you think the whole time stuff was a trick? Maybe the sales lady was just another island hallucination for Desmond.

Anyone think Charlie will have to run like the devil when Sawyer gets back and finds out his porn and whiskey are missing? Think Sawyer will get even by telling everyone of Charlie's involvement with Sun's "kidnapping"?

Anything significant with that model boat in Mr. Widmore's office? "She's beautiful", says Desmond. "Say what?!?!?!", says Mr. Widmore.

Who names their son Hieronymus in this century? Charlie Pace gets THAT for a middle name?


This week I will likely be making the biggest mistake of my life by boarding an airplane.

While I realize this is just a TV show, I do believe that if one dwells on something long enough you can almost will it to happen. I further believe that I'm not willing a plane crash on myself, but it is strange how life makes the bad things come true and seems to ignore the good things. For example, my wife still won't let me call her Evangeline no matter how long I attempt to consider that possibility!

Anyway, I won't be back in time (no pun intended) for an edition of Lost Tidbits next weekend, so hold on a couple of weeks and the newsletter will return. If you can't wait that long, may I suggest you stick your head inside a deep freeze or stand next to a really strong magnet for 7 days and it will be like I never left!

Until then, here are some sneak peeks into next week's show, "Stranger in a Strange Land" (yes, the Robert Heinlein book – same author for Starship Troopers). The title of the book was derived from the Bible book of Exodus. Oh, oh, here we go again!

Is that a prison shirt she is wearing?

Tell me that isn't Michael!

There sure is a lot of wrist rubbing in this show!




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